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Things to Expect When Getting a Dental Implant

Dental implant surgery uses tooth roots with metal and screw-like posts to replace damaged and missing teeth, making them function like real ones. Dental implants come as an alternative to dentures and bridgework, which do not fit well and offer options when natural teeth roots do not allow the building of denture tooth replacements. The dental implant surgery heavily depends on the type of implant to be used and the jawbone condition, and the surgery might involve several procedures. When the surgery gets done well, the different benefits include providing solid support for the new teeth and the bone healing process, which takes many months. There are other things that one needs to expect when getting a dental implant, and they include the following:

Initial exam and consultation

The first appointment involves the initial exam and consultation, which involve different processes and procedures. The dental implants Seattle professionals discuss the risks and benefits of dental implants with the dentist performing visual examinations to understand the patient’s general health. There is a condition that, if discovered, needs to be addressed before the implant surgery, and the requirements include gingivitis. An X-ray and CT scans are mandatory to determine the health of the jawbone, and if the case is deemed too severe, the patient gets referred to a more advanced dentist to deal with the case.

Treatment planning

After the initial examination and consultation, a treatment plan is developed based on the patient’s oral health and input goals. The treatment plan is a personalized one and makes it easy to handle the unique issues faced by every patient. The Dental Implants Seattle professionals guide the patient all through the treatment process to enable them to understand the entire process and become prepared and ready to go through it without any challenges. The patient’s questions and concerns get addressed at this stage to make them comfortable to undergo the surgery without any worries.


During the surgery, the first thing that gets done is to give the patient anesthetics to numb the surgery areas and prevent. A pilot hole gets made into the jawbone, and a titanium post will get inserted well. Depending on the treatment plan, the next step would be to insert a healing abutment or/an immediate-function temporary crown that will be placed.


Before fabricating the final crown, biting impressions of the patient are taken to ensure that the bridge or crown will get the proper alignment and bite. The dental implants Seattle   professionals have the right tools and expertise to offer an excellent service that solves the patient’s problem.

Placement of final restoration

Eight weeks after the implant surgery, the patient must return to the dentist to get the abutment and final restoration added to the implant post. The crown is completed by a highly qualified expert dentist who matches the shade of the patient’s existing teeth.


Dental health is important to overall well-being, and any issues must be addressed to prevent any severe condition from developing. Dental implant has made it possible to solve various dental health issues.

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