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Know More About Health Screening Singapore

Screening is known to be one of the best methods which are used for diagnosing sickness apart from physical examination and history provided. The most important health screening Singapore each detecting the illness of the earliest treatable stage for preventing further complications.

The objective of health screening

Screening is in various forms like laboratory tests, imaging tests, and genetic tests. Here we’ll first know about laboratory test, which is most commonly used to check urine blood chemistry and other substances taken from our body. This laboratory test involves a liquid panel, HDL-C, LDL-C, triglyceride, and cholesterol composition. It is considered a panel of tests that measure the type and amount of fats and the fatty substance present in the blood. It also involves hs- CRP, which detects the low level of protein such as c reactive.  This type of protein responds to the infection and injury that results in inflammation inside the body.

An imaging test is another test used for or observing what’s happening inside the patient’s body. An imaging test involves an echocardiogram test, which is a procedure that enables the heart specialist for or observing and studying the structure of your heart. This myocardial perfusion is an important procedure used to identify the flow of blood into the heart.

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