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Know about the facts and features of fractional radio frequency

Radiofréquence fractionnelle is also known as fractional RF that helps in the stimulation of the skin to firm, repair and plump on its own. The combination of fractional radio frequency and dermal stamping helps in reducing pigmentation and removes the appearance of scars and large pores. To react with the dermis, low level radio waves are used by the radio frequency.

Pain management of Fractional radio frequency

Fractional radio frequency can last for 2-5 years, but the results may vary on lifestyle, diet, and the way in which the skin naturally ages. Also, you are free to repeat the treatment anytime, you just have to consult with your doctor regarding this issue. The procedure of fractional RF is not painful as they have replaced the traditional micro needling with the modern one. And, it can be easily managed by using the techniques of standard pain management.

Doctors use topical anaesthetics such as lidocaine which is applied 30 minutes before the treatment and these anaesthetics helps in minimizing the discomfort that is caused during the treatment.

Result associated with the treatment

There are many advantages associated with this technique such as the patient can see the result within a week. But in some cases, it can even take 3-4 weeks depending upon the type of skin the person has. The treatment leads to tiny pricks in the skin which helps the body to heal easily and produce new collagen and elastin in the body.

Benefits of fractional RF skin tightening

  • Tighten and rejuvenate- this technique tightens, plumps and strengthens the skin and helps in reducing the wrinkles and the skin texture as well. All these improvements can help in improving the over all tone of the skin.
  • Reduce scarring and stretch marks- as the layer of new collagen is formulated in the skin, which makes the skin healthier and more refined. This procedure reduces the scars as well.
  • Minimise open pores- size of the pore is improved and you will get a clear skin after 2-4 treatments. This happened because the technique creates heat by having a superficial layer on the skin.

The treatment of radio frequency is not harmful as the medical experts are following the latest techniques of medical science in it. They follow the fractional radiofrequency of skin resurfacing which is considered as a safe method for most of the patients. Not only safe, but effective for all the skin tones.

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