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How Can CPA Help Me in the Growth of My Business

Certified professional accountants are the financial professionals who handle the finances of any company. They can be treated as the backbone of the company as the finances themselves. The first step in the growth of your company is to have a good accountant. He not only handles the balance sheets and financial statements but also offers advisory services at every step you take for business expansion. If you are looking for a good CPA in Kirkland, WA, you must do proper research in the industry. 

Duties of a CPA

A CPA performs a number of jobs in the company. The highlights of his services have been mentioned below: 

Tax planning

Taxes are a significant part of any company. If you are not able to file taxes as per the state laws, you will have to face severe consequences such as audits and penalties. A CPA will never let that happen to you and your company. He will plan and manage finances and taxes throughout the year and file them yearly or quarterly as per the state laws. You don’t have to feel stressed about taxes if you have a CPA.

Planning business strategies

Many a time, business owners need to speak with someone about finances and available cash while planning their next move in the industry. Sometimes, they have to take the necessary steps to stay ahead of their competitors. A good CPA ensures that you never make any decision out of impulse. He will guide you about the available cash and lending options to expand your business. 

Financial management

Finances are also involved in hiring new employees, contractors, and vendors from time to time. Besides that, payroll, leave status, promotions, and benefits to employees also are a part of financial management. A CPA looks after every financial activity within the company so that the salaries and deductions are done properly. It also reduces the chances of errors at the time of filing tax returns.

Audits in the company

If you fail to file taxes on time or the financial data has a lot of errors and discrepancies, the IRS can send you a notice for audits. They can hurt the reputation of a business. A CPA helps you avoid such scenarios because he ensures that data is accurate and filing is done properly and on time.

Having a CPA in your company can help you make more profits and save money. 

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