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Categories based on inclusions in a health care package

Care package delivery Singapore companies offer a wide range of products with different sets of products for various occasions and people. If you wish to make sure that your loved one is taking care of themselves and being healthy, you can choose a health care package with inclusions that could help physically. In this article, let us look at some categories based on inclusions in brief.

Basic package – In this pack, you will find some basic items to help your loved ones be in a better state. For instance, there will be a hand sanitizer along with face masks. Also, you could find a vitamin drink. However, there will be only one in all these inclusions. A flower bouquet will beautify the package.

Essential pack – It is an upgraded version of the basic pack that provides all those inclusions in increased numbers. For instance, there will be three vitamin bottles and large-sized sanitizer. In addition, you can find a sheet of strepsils.

Vital care pack – In this package, you will have an additional essence of chicken along with the essential care inclusions.

Pocket care pack – It is a tiny and portable care pack with mosquito repellants and balms.

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